Why is the course free, what’s the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch. I’ve learned from others for free, therefore, I want to teach others free. As I continue to work on my book Freelance Jumpstart, I spent time researching on the topics I wanted to discuss and setting up interviews for the book. This also involved looking up the best ways to market the book and choose the proper target audience. While I was researching on ways to build an email list I continued to think of ways to build interest in the book. Then I realized I was taking the wrong approach, everything was so focused with getting the book done. I wanted to make sure that the experience of writing the book would be fun and not some large sales pitch. That is when I decided to give away some of my best content for free. Sure, I could create content for my blog and allow that information to be free but I wanted to create something that was of high quality and value.

As I thought about what content I can give away that would be beneficial to others, I found a video on Nathan Barry’s site in which he interviewed authors on how they chose to launch their books. Brandon Hilkert was one of the people that were a part of the video and he mentioned that he offered an online course for free about how to build a Ruby Gem. I looked at a couple of other strategies which were  free videos, email courses or ebooks. That is when I decided to offer a video course about the main topics covered in Freelance Jumpstart and how to launch your own business successfully as a freelancer. I did not want to offer ONLY video, ONLY a PDF or ONLY an email course, I have decided to create a pdf guide as well as a video course because I know some people prefer reading while others prefer watching and I wanted to cover all the bases.

Why a course on starting your own freelance business?

If you think about it a freelancer is someone who provides a service that is not specifically attached to a company. All businesses and services have an aspect of freelance to them. Freelancing is business and business is freelancing.

I think back some years ago to when I first started my business. I assumed that if I start my business I could moonlight after work with web design and earn some extra income. I was blindsided with the amount of information that I had to look through in order to start a business. When I think back that time should have been spent perfecting my craft and spending time where it mattered most. I do not regret all of the research I did upfront, but I realized that rather than sit on the information I know it would be best to share it with others and give back to the online community that taught me so much.

Why a video course?

I have already purchased the tools in the past to create video interviews and I have even worked with some other videography companies in helping them to create content. So I thought to myself, “why not video? I have the equipment” it is only natural. Here is the following equipment that will be used to create the course:

I will make sure to keep you all updated about the progress of the course and if you have anything that you would like to see  go into the course feel free to contact me.

Update (12/24/2015): The course is now live and over 4,350 people have taken the course thus far. In order to commemorate the goal of exceeding 4,000 students the course was given a makeover that I like to call version 2.0. The course can be found at .
  • Benjamin Risser

    I watched your video course, and you were spot on. I can’t wait till you come out with the book.