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006: What Have I Been Up To?

March 25, 2017

It’s easy to begin work and then Focus so much with your head down you realize you haven’t been updating others as to what is going on. I found this to be the case. Therefore, I wanted to give you an inside look at what I’ve been building. I’ve been working for the last couple […]

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005: Crafting the Course

August 4, 2016

This past year I’ve purchased more online courses than ever. For me, there is something about gaining a significant amount of knowledge in a short period that draws me in. It’s almost like a supercharged college education in a particular niche. Not only that but most online courses cost $300 or less; way less than […]

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004: Planning Your Product

July 18, 2016

The first step to creating a product is to take the time to plan. This plan does not have to be elaborate, but you need a plan if you are going to be successful.

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003: Failure, Validation and Success

June 1, 2016

I failed. In my web design business, I noticed a certain trend. Many non-profit organizations I worked with needed the same type of website. Instead of repetitively doing the same kind of work, I had the idea to create a service that would allow nonprofits to choose a website template and customize it. The client […]

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002: Learn. Teach. Build. Launch

Becoming an authority A couple of years ago I stumbled onto Nathan Barry’s blog. Nathan is the founder of the ConvertKit, an email marketing platform for bloggers. Before this Nathan discover how to become an authority on a subject, and the quickest way was to write a self-published book. His success at self-publishing led him […]

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001: Let’s Get it Started

Maybe you want to build a product, a course, start a business, or even create a new app you’ve been thinking about. Whatever it may be the great news is your idea can become a reality, but you’re going to have to take action.

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000: It’s Finally Here

I got an email the other day from Paul Jarvis, serial creator, and freelancer. Paul issued a challenge to start a podcast in hopes of getting people to take action and pursue their passions. I am not one to neglect a challenge so “I accept your challenge to a podcast duel”. (In a British gentleman’s […]

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