The Future of
Basecamp is Here

In the future on the eve of the 20 year mark for Basecamp we are doing better than we ever have as a company. How do I know? Time travel. I’ve witnessed Basecamp’s growth as a member of the team.

My Fellow Basecampers,

I’m Nathan Allotey. You don’t know me yet but you will. In the future I serve as the Data Analyst for Basecamp. I found an app online that allowed me to travel back in time and I chose to help the current Nathan with his Basecamp application for data analyst.

Work Experience


Data Analyst
(Dec 2018 – Future Present)

  • Create marketing personas for audience targeting to shape marketing campaigns using website usage data, user research, and Google Analytics.
  • Utilize customer purchase history to make projections on future income and growth of the company. This information was vital in the facilitation of a sales tax engine and purchase of new cloud servers.
  • Deployed a series of A/B testing and personalization for company web pages and increased signups by 20% in 2 months with 90% confidence.

Houston Methodist Hospital

Digital Marketing Specialist
(July 2015 – Dec 2018)

  • The digital marketing specialist focuses on building, launching, measuring and improving digital marketing initiatives for Houston Methodist and it’s 7 community hospitals.
  • Report on website usage data to stakeholders based on campaign results from Google Analytics, SEM and other forms of programmatic media for a website that averages 1.6 millions views per month.
  • Assist in driving consumer demand and brand preference using digital marketing tactics such as pay per click advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing and content marketing.
  • Implemented conversation rate optimization program focused on A/B and multivariate testing for paid campaign traffic.
  • Designed, developed and optimized creative campaign elements such as landing pages, digital banner ads, and other graphics.

Gallery Furniture

Web Analytics Manager
Data Analyst
(May 2013 – July 2015)

  • Measured the performance of digital marketing activities, provided business intelligence, key performance indicators, and translated information into actionable insights.
  • Utilized Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to provide conversion rate optimization reports on a weekly basis on a website receiving 200,000 visits a month.
  • Analyzed consumer sales data to develop a strategies to reduce the costs of purchases and maximize sales revenue margins.
  • Utilized Salesforce reporting to create customer segments and crafted marketing campaigns for each segment based on previous customer purchase history resulting in over $2 million in repeat business.
  • Monitored online website performance and recommended changes to optimize performance and conversion potential of website through weekly presentations to senior leadership.

Quality Assurance Agent
Client Retention Specialist
Customer Success Specialist
(Sept 2009 – May 2013)

  • Evaluated 40+ agents on their work performance, knowledge of policy and procedures, and continuing education within the company.
  • Created training documents to enhance employee knowledge for the retention department.
  • Provided full technical server side support for customers and their web hosting services, assisted 300+ on a weekly basis while maintaining a customer service rating of 9/10.
  • Maintained the operation of web hosting services for customers including MySQL, domains, DNS, Linux, and cPanel.
  • I first met Nathan in 1985 when he was a baby. When I first saw him, I thought: "Great Scott! This kid’s future is bright." Then I went to the future and double checked, I was right.

    Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown
    Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown Scientist / DeLorean Enthusiast


University of Houston

Master of Business Administration
(August 2010 – August 2013)

I made the decision to pursue my MBA because I wanted to understand the business side of creatvity. At this point in my life I had a full time position and was freelancing as well and wanted to connect the creative side of marketing to business strategy.

Key classes 

  • Managerial Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Statistical Methods for business
  • Management of Marketing Information
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Visual Strategy

Baylor University

Applied Mathematics and Engineering
(2003 – May 2009)

  • During my undergraduate experience, I learned so much but my main take away is the ability to solve problems. This is what attracted me to mathematics and engineering. There is a single answer but there are many ways to get to the best solution.
  • As a fellow time traveler, I’m impressed with what Nathan is doing. He decided to travel back in time to help his younger self land a job at a great company. When I first went back in time, I messed it up so bad I almost eliminated myself from existence.

    Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Hoverboard Analyst

Project Approach Answers

Analyzing Performance

Brute Force Logins

Analyze Purchase Records

Analyzing Usage Data

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