018: What is it worth?

One early morning I received a phone call. It was my friend Obinna and he was frantic: My website has been hacked! To check out his claims I went directly to his website and searched his website [...]

2015 Year in Review

2015 was a very interesting year. I planned to capitalize on what I learned in 2014 and move forward with the goals I set for 2015. My main desire for 2015 was to focus my year on 2 things [...]

014: Pricing Psychology

How should you begin to set your pricing for your services? Should you take a guess and figure it out later? I know I’ve struggled in my career as a freelancer is trying to figure out what is the [...]

012: Hustle and Rest

This topic was inspired by Cat on Twitter. In a previous video, I talked about hustle vs hope and the fact that if you want your hopes to come true you’re going to have to actually hustle [...]

007: Marketing & Trust

The next couple of videos you will see will be about marketing and diving into what marketing is and how best to market your own business. Leading off let’s start with a simple statement that has [...]

006: Hustle vs Hope

Growing up I loved sports and I still do, my favorite sport is basketball. I believe I probably could have gone the NBA, who knows maybe can still play in the NBA today. I am not saying this to [...]