Maybe you want to build a product, a course, start a business, or even create a new app you’ve been thinking about. Whatever it may be the great news is your idea can become a reality, but you’re going to have to take action.

This show is all about newness. 2016 is a new year and the year you need to take action in building a product. I think back to when I first had the thought of building a product it was ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO. Since then I’ve seen my fellow creators pass me up and release their products while I take the time to “prepare.” Time flies when you are procrastinating. I let my preparation turn into procrastination.  No more waiting.

I have to take my own advice

There is a great publication about launching products called The Independent. Three creative entrepreneurs came together and had the idea to create a timeless blog in print which contains information about launching a product from cover to cover. In that publication I wrote an article about using video to launch and said:

“Chronicle the product building process and give your audience a behind the scenes view. There will be a newfound appreciation of the value of your product once everyone sees what went into building it.”

I felt like I was time traveling. My past self had written an article to my future self. (sidebar: if you want to time travel start a blog and write down your thoughts, you’ll learn so much in the future by observing your previous mentality). Basically, I need to take my own advice.

Iterating in Public

I’m going to be completely transparent with you and share everything I learn with building my product and share insights along the way so you can create your own products and launch them as well. I used to build things in private in my top-secret laboratory (my office) because I didn’t want anyone to steal my idea”. The problem with that logic is if you keep everything private you do not allow for people to respond to the buzz of what you’re building.

Think about movie trailers many times they tease the film one year before it even comes out. They do this, so you know it is in production and as they make updates they release news and trailers. Take the same logic when building your product to create buzz.

Get It Started

Whatever you’ve been waiting to do, start a blog, start a podcast, create a course online, become a YouTuber, start a business it’s time to stop procrastinating and take action. You will never get closer to your goal by thinking about it, start taking steps and the path will become clear while you’re in motion.

Show Notes

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