Roadmap Strategy Session


A strategic planning session to encourage customer-centric design, prioritize customer needs, Define your brand and produce results.



The roadmap strategy session was designed to demystify what it takes to create a successful brand and clearly define your business goals and objectives while creating a roadmap to reach those goals.

What to expect?

In the strategy session, we will meet to uncover three main areas to define your brand that will make everything you do in the future more cohesive and consistent.

Defining the brand

Defining your brand will allow us to highlight your benefits, call out your competitive advantages and Define your target audience. You will have a clearly defined brand positioning statement, so people will grasp what your business does in one sentence.

Define the customer

We will collaborate to create user personas of your ideal customer using proven techniques from user research and user experience principles. Defining your customer will provide insight into potential user Behavior.

Prioritize needs

We will systematically isolate what is most important to your potential customers and discuss methodologies to exceed the needs of your customers creating the delight and satisfaction.

About Nathan

Nathan is a digital marketing strategist, web designer and founder of the Freelance Jumpstart Podcast.

Before starting the Freelance Jumpstart Podcast, Nathan founded inPhocus Media a web design studio in Houston, TX. During his ten years of freelance experience, he has learned firsthand about the ups and downs of business.

Nathan received his BA in Applied Mathematics and Engineering from Baylor University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Houston. Since that time Nathan has worked with brands such as HostGator, Bluehost, Envato and many startups.

Nathan thrives at empowering freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs unlock their unique value by bridging the gap between their creative skill and business expertise.

He has a unique to help creatives professionals best position their unique value proposition for their product or service.


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