In 2008 I began the process of learning how to use graphic design software and at the time I was working with Photoshop and Illustrator. Thanks to a tutorial website called I began to learn the specifics of how to design graphics that could be used professionally.

I continued to learn other skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, web hosting , business, and marketing. As I refined my skills, I also made some mistakes long the way. I have been able to learn from these mistakes and add more skills through trial and error.  I was able to learn everything from Photoshop to filing taxes for your business, as well as other valuable information that business startups need to be successful. When I grew confident in my skills I began offering my design services. Taking the step towards starting a business has been great and I am glad to took that step. I believe that it is only fair that I share what I’ve learn with everyone else.

When reading this website I will make sure to promise 3 things:

  1. I will share what I have learned.
  2. I will keep it simple.
  3. I am open to answer any questions that need to be answered.

Sharing My Knowledge

I plan to share everything I have learned thus far, This includes the information I learn from interacting with clients on a daily basis.
Some of the topics that I will write on include:

  • Starting your own business
  • Filing taxes as a freelancer
  • Reading financial statements
  • Freelancing Tips

Keeping it simple

This is one thing I will definitely follow through with. One of my frustrations when reading blog posts is sometimes it takes too many words to get to the heart of the matter. I plan to write in a format which is as follows:

  • Summary of the information
  • Topic of interest
  • My advice on the subject
  • Conclusion and final comments


Lastly, I if anyone has any questions or feedback or even corrections on something I said I am definitely open to constructive dialogue and keeping things up to date as well as any suggestions for topics you would like to see me write about.