Though school teaches us many things they often don’t teach us how to build a business with the skills we were just taught.

Theories and information are great for speculation but you need to know the details on how to grow your professional portfolio or business knowledge to jumpstart your own freelance career.

Whether you just graduated or are looking more tactical advice I got you covered.

Learn what School Doesn’t Teach You

When I was in school, I worked hard to make the best grades possible. My plan was high school, college, graduation, then find a job I like until retirement. After realizing things don’t always go as planned, I decided to pursue a graduate degree in business.

I learned a lot about business however they did not teach me or the essentials of client interaction, bookkeeping, storytelling, and many other things that I discovered through experience. I believe schools are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to teach more tactical advice.

Why pay over $90,000 for “formal” education, but not learn how to run a client meeting?

I didn’t know it was possible to build a business with my unique skills. The only option presented to me in school was to work for someone else and become an employee.

This section of the site focuses on everything that you need to learn that school doesn’t teach you. Everything from contracts, to invoicing, to how to position yourself as a professional.

Freelance Jumpstart Course

An all comprehensive guide, course and community, created to help you build a freelance business from scratch, attract clients, and get paid what you’re worth.

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