Growing up I loved sports and I still do, my favorite sport is basketball. I believe I probably could have gone the NBA, who knows maybe can still play in the NBA today. I am not saying this to be cocky if there’s one thing I know how to do it is hustle and hustle put me ahead of many people who rely solely on their talent alone.

In 2013, David Lee became an NBA all-star for the second time. This is kind of a big deal. Only 24 players are selected to be an all-star and they are normally the 24 best players in all of the NBA. David admitted that he didn’t feel he deserved to be an all-star, but he recognized if he would simply hustle harder than those who had more talent than him, his hustle would allow him to reach his dreams and goals.

What is hustle?

Hustle is consistently putting in extra effort with a sense of urgency until you have accomplished your goal.

What is hope?

Hope depends upon the actions of others, instead of you taking actions to work towards bringing something to pass.

There are some things we are hoping for:

  • I hope when _____ I will be able to _____.
  • I hope I can grow an audience online.
  • I hope I can find the right clients.
  • I hope people like the work I’m creating.

All of the above are passive statements. The good news each statement above has a direct path of hustle to make them a reality. If you want to grow an audience online you are going to have to get to know what your audience likes, hang out where they hang out, learn from those who have already gone through the process of building an audience.

Hope is designed to inspire you on what could be and hustle is what makes this a reality.

The best way to move toward your goal is to take actionable steps. Hope helps create a mindset but taking actions helps confirm your mindset.

You will be more inclined to hustle when it is anchored in a reason, motivation or inspiration. Simply put why are you doing what you’re doing? Why do you decide to show up every day? You need to know and understand why you are doing something. Having that reason will serve as a constant reminder of why the hustle can’t stop you have to continue. As I write this post it’s early in the morning and I’m tired, but I know for me remaining consistent is important to helping others and growing my business despite how I feel.

For some people, a good idea is better than a failed reality, and this is simply not true.

I’ve seen people not want to put in the hustle it takes to reach their goal because they are afraid of failure. The question is not whether or not you are going to fail. Matter fact I’ll tell you right now if you are in business it is guaranteed you are going to fail.

Hustle isn’t everything, you actually have to be good at what you do.

Earlier I mentioned David Lee, sure he was able to hustle his way into the NBA’s most elite however he still had to practice every day and he still had to make those shots when necessary. Think about certain weaknesses you may have, practice until you begin to improve on your shortcomings. On the opposite side continue to work on your strengths as well and cultivate what you are already good at. That’s the type of hustle it is going to take to reach your goals.

Remember hope is good but if you want to move past only hope and make those thoughts a reality you are going to have to take focused actions to move towards your goals.

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