What’s up to all my freelancers and creators, I am happy to say that I am back. This means that I am back to producing more content on a weekly basis.

I mentioned in my 2017 year review that I wanted to produce more content and I will put out two times the amount of material I put out previously so this will allow me to connect with you all on a more.

I also am working on a secret project that I cannot mention now but the result will be more content on freelancing and explicitly answering the most sought out questions business owners have.

With all the new content that is coming, you’ll want to subscribe to my channel to make sure you receive notifications.

Secondarily I will have more podcast episodes so you will want to subscribe to Freelance jumpstart TV podcast to make sure you have updates

Lastly, I am building more products and services; I will chronicle the process and document my steps and share everything that I’m building in public which will be another way for you to get content.

So in 2018, there will be four different ways I’m producing content, and that means more value for everyone and more learning for everyone. More importantly, the goal of all of this is because I want to connect with you all more often, so I look forward to meeting new people having more authentic conversations and all of us growing toward our business goes online.

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