In episode 63 of the Freelance Jumpstart podcast, we walked through how to stabilize your cash flow as a freelancer with the product spectrum. This is a methodology that allows you to create different levels of products so potential clients can experience how it is to work with you no matter their budget.

As a part of the product spectrum, we mentioned productized consulting was essential to the process, and Jane Portman provided us with a definition:

Productized consulting is a term for selling consulting services as a fixed-price, value-based offering with a predefined process.

Jane Portman is an independent UI/UX consultant, podcast host, speaker, mother and author.

Jane wrote a great resource called Your Productized Consulting Guide, a step-by-step guide will teach you how to craft an irresistible offer, overcome typical client objections, write the perfect sales page, protect your business, and strategically plan your entire productized consulting line.

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