False Promises

They follow me everywhere. You’ve seen them as well. Advertisements that build false expectations for the viewer with the hope that if you follow their plan, everything will go well. These ads promise if you follow their set plan you’ll be able to make six figures and leave your 9 to 5 job and take control of your life.

Most of these type of ads lead to an online course or business coach who is going to walk you through many steps, and if you follow the steps correctly, you are guaranteed success.

The main problem is the oversimplifying of results. If applying knowledge was that simple then a horde of people would use the same knowledge, and the market for creative coaching and professionals would be full of carbon copies of one another.

At its core, there’s nothing wrong with online coaching.
Sometimes following a certain amount of steps does produce results however not how everyone absorbs information in the same way.

Learning Styles

There are 3 main learning styles:

  1. Auditory learners (hear)
  2. Visual learners (sight)
  3. Kinesthetic learners (touch)

Auditory learners learn by listening to someone; an explanation is all they need to comprehend the information.

Visual learners learn by viewing the information or watching a demonstration. Viewing lists, charts, and graphics help them absorb the information easier.

Kinesthetic learners learn by touch. When they connect the instruction with a physical action, the information is confirmed and memorized.

Coaching Styles

I have observed there are two types of coaches:

  1. Coaches who are planners (playbook coaches).
  2. Coaches who are personal

I believe the two types of coaches can be best Illustrated when we look at nutrition and health industry. There have been many diets to become popular over the years.

  • Atkins diet
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

The list of diets goes on forever. Most of these diets were are a set of recommended foods or attributes to follow because previously someone had success following the diet and lost weight.

Since they’ve had success with the diet or they invented the diet they advertise to everyone and give the perception if everyone followed the diet then everyone will have similar results.

The truth is due to different people’s body type as well as how their body processes food the diet will not work for everyone. Some people need more than a list of recommendations. These are the people who benefit from someone taking a more personal approach. These types of people need a nutritionist to study their body, eating habits and create a recommended meal plan to help them reach their body weight goals.

Coaching Styles in Sports: The Man with a Plan

To reinforce the point in National Football League (NFL) Bill Belichick is the head coach of the New England Patriots. He’s known for devising grand game plans, and no matter what team he coaches he applies his game plan, and they have success.

With Coach Belichick, it doesn’t matter which plays he has on the team because he will put together a plan that everyone can follow. Ss long as the players follow the plan the team will have success. Bill Belichick is a planning coach.

Coaching Styles in Sports: The Zen Master

Another coach who has had success in the area of basketball is Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson was the coach of the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen during their six championships and served as the Los Angeles Lakers coach with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal and coached LA to five championships.

Phil Jackson was known for his ability to be able to coach superstars. Many times the teams he coached already had the talent however it was Phil Jackson’s ability to create an individual plan of success based upon each player’s strength that allowed him to be successful. He is a personal coach.

How do you learn?

Everyone needs a coach or a person that can guide them on what steps they should take next as well as hold them accountable to make sure they reach their goals.

If you don’t invest in yourself and your business, then you’ll never be able to reach specific heights of success. The key here is you have to understand how you absorb information. If you’re someone who can follow directions on your own and don’t need anyone to give you a demonstration or directions, perhaps having a playbook coach may be advantageous to you.

On the other side of things if you’re someone that recognizes a five-point plan will not work for you then may you need someone to take a more personal approach. You need someone who is willing to examine your skills and your business then make custom recommendations that focus on your unique strengths then that’s the type of coach you need.

I believe I benefit from the ladder, a personal coach. I’m the type of person that can quickly follow directions however I have not seen success when trying to implement other people’s plans. Only when I leverage my unique perspective and skills is where I get results, therefore, that’s the type of coach that I would need.

It turns out that I am also a personal coach when I give out advice. I’m the type of person that believes a coach needs to study a person rather than repeating the same formulaic advice.

What type of coach is best for you? Personal or Playbook

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