There’s a difference between having design talent and communicating the value of your talent.

Deleting My Design Portfolio
Recently I deleted my design portfolio on Behance Why? Because I finally had to admit to myself that what I had displayed wasn’t working and it was time to start over.

Behance is the world’s leading online platform to discover and display creative work. With 50 million website visits a month it is the place for creative professionals but also a way to find clients by displaying your best work.

Talent vs. Marketing
I used to believe if I focused on having great skill that was enough to attract clients. As long as I could prove I worked harder or produced better work then somebody else I would always be the client’s choice.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth. The truth is it doesn’t matter how good you may seem if that is not communicated through how you present your work then you are diminishing your value.

You cannot control the fact that people are going to compare you to other designers. However, you do have the ability to influence their perception of your abilities.

The 5 Ways to transform you portfolio are:

  1. Copy Other Agencies
  2. Show Your Process
  3. Add Visual Storytelling
  4. Using Mockups
  5. Your About Section

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