I think I’ve just been blacklisted by my most steady client, any advice on how to make amends?

For some context:
So a couple months ago my contract ran out, I was offered the chance to stay with a company (blue) doing piece meal work but at a very reduced amount of money till their business picked back up or going to a competitor (red) for high paychecks but for a short time.

I took the second option and blue reached out to me with a job that had the same deadlines as the contract I had for red. I couldn’t do both so politely turned them down (with an offering of other names of professionals who could help them) and told them I’d be able to return to them mid January.

Cut to today where my contact has not been able to give me a definitive answer on any work and a friendly person at the company has notified me I’ve angered several of the higher ups by turning down their low paying job and working for a competitor. A contract has been discussed but it’s in an area that I’m not 100% confident in as I’m not quite as versed with that aspect as their own in-house team is.

I would like to amend this possible problem as blue does provide me with 40% of my income for the year but it feels more that they are treating me as an employee and not as a freelancer who can come and go as they please. Any advice on patching this rift?


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