A client is using me as a file backup system. How do I get them to stop, should I charge them for backups?

So I’ve done work for this one client over a half dozen years. I’ve emailed him copies of every file, and he constantly shows up requesting this or that file that I’ve done a year or so ago (sometimes more), at which point I then have to go and dig it up and send it back to him.

This is getting a bit tiring, and he gets aggressive at me sometimes as well about not having them all constantly available on my Dropbox folder. I’ve discussed with him previously that I cannot keep EVERY file there, as there’s quite a bit, and that I remove files after a certain date, to keep my space available for my other clients.

How do I gently word to him that he needs to stop asking me for this, or pay me for file retrievals? I’m getting tired of this, and honestly, I’ve already probably spent a couple of hours in the past month finding various files for him.

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