Website hosting – how to respond to clients?

How should I respond when I’m offering myself as a hosting solution whilst developing a website for a client, and they ask me who I’m hosting through. Because technically, if I answer, they can just “host it themselves” for cheaper right? But if I don’t answer, would that imply I’m forcing them to pay me for hosting the website?

I could offer for similar services (probably as a reseller) but at the same time I don’t want to be dodging the question entirely.

If a client decides to choose a different hosting provider, whilst I’m stilling developing the website, how should I react? Should I ask them why they are changing? Have you guys had any similar experience that you somehow managed to turn the situation around?

This one in particular was upsetting because I had already provided a discounted rate on development (comparative to the market)

Any advice would be appreciated!

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