If you are reading this then more than likely, you heard my session at WordCamp NOLA. There was so much more I wanted to cover but due to time I had to keep it short, but I want you to know:

You are valuable and if you don’t give yourself a raise no one else will.

Want to Charge What You’re Worth?

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In the past, I didn’t know what to charge

When I began freelancing, I would hate when clients would ask the question “How much do you charge?“. I was scared, I didn’t want to charge too low and have my skills devalued and on the other end, I didn’t want to overcharge and lose a potential client.

I then realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know, this led me to pursue an MBA in digital marketing and one of my favorite class was pricing strategy. I began experimenting with different pricing techniques:

  • hourly pricing
  • flat rate pricing
  • value based pricing
  • price anchoring

I finally was able to figure out the best mix for my business and I want to share this same thing with you.