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Community Standards

The Community is a place for freelance creatives to come together, share experiences, collaborate and encourage one another. It is of the utmost importance to maintain an environment of support and respect.


To define this term, being professional means you take responsibility for each action you take. You own your consequences and seek to correct things to ensure the goal is reached. Feel free to relax and be you but remember not to go too far. (Think workplace environment).


In the context of the community, respect is recognizing everyone has unique value and treating them as such. You are free to have debates with one another but do not let debates turn into disrespect. There’s no need to attack or bully anyone in the community. We are all learning, and respect is more important than being right or wrong.

Sharing Details

In the community, people are willing to share details about their progress, past experiences, as well as personal and professional goals. For people to be truly transparent and honest about their experiences, trust must be present. Prove yourself trustworthy by asking for permission from all individuals involved if you would like to share conversation details, content or other items from the community.


Staying positive and seeking to lift everyone up will do more than tearing one another down. By entering the community, you agree to engage in conversation, participate and keep the integrity genuine.

What you’ve read are the overall guidelines of the community. These rules are not permanent and as the community grows these guidelines will become more defined and serve to help everyone.