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Podcast Episodes


006: What Have I Been Up To?

It’s easy to begin work and then Focus so much with your head down you realize you haven’t been updating others as to what is going on. I found this to be the case. Therefore, I wanted to give you an inside look at what I’ve been building. I’ve been working for the last couple […]


005: Crafting the Course

This past year I’ve purchased more online courses than ever. For me, there is something about gaining a significant amount of knowledge in a short period that draws me in. It’s almost like a supercharged college education in a particular niche. Not only that but most online courses cost $300 or less; way less than […]


004: Planning Your Product

The first step to creating a product is to take the time to plan. This plan does not have to be elaborate, but you need a plan if you are going to be successful.


003: Failure, Validation and Success

I failed. In my web design business, I noticed a certain trend. Many non-profit organizations I worked with needed the same type of website. Instead of repetitively doing the same kind of work, I had the idea to create a service that would allow nonprofits to choose a website template and customize it. The client […]


002: Learn. Teach. Build. Launch

Becoming an authority A couple of years ago I stumbled onto Nathan Barry’s blog. Nathan is the founder of the ConvertKit, an email marketing platform for bloggers. Before this Nathan discover how to become an authority on a subject, and the quickest way was to write a self-published book. His success at self-publishing led him […]


001: Let’s Get it Started

Maybe you want to build a product, a course, start a business, or even create a new app you’ve been thinking about. Whatever it may be the great news is your idea can become a reality, but you’re going to have to take action.


000: It’s Finally Here

I got an email the other day from Paul Jarvis, serial creator, and freelancer. Paul issued a challenge to start a podcast in hopes of getting people to take action and pursue their passions. I am not one to neglect a challenge so “I accept your challenge to a podcast duel”. (In a British gentleman’s […]

Want 5 Proven Ways to Validate Your Product Idea?

Learn the five essentials to know if you idea will be profitable and make people stand in line for your product.