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[/logichop_condition]There’s a chance that you may be selling yourself short.

Often as creatives, we believe the more skills we learn, the more a client will respect our expertise. Often expertise does not always translate into getting paid what you’re worth.

When booking a client they will ask the most popular question ever in the business of freelancing, “how much do you charge?”

Just hearing the question fills some people with anxiety and nervousness. You may be nervous about 2 things:

  1. undercharging for your services which means you earn less than what you may receive at a day job
  2. scaring the client off by setting your price too high.

In the past, rather than coming up with a process to value my services I made up my pricing on the spot.

I soon found making up my pricing was a big mistake which led to more work and less pay. I thought I had to make a decision about what to charge, however pricing is not a decision, pricing is a strategy.

Respect and Value

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The Price is Wrong

Are you charging enough for your services? Chances are you’re not. The goal is not to get as much money as you can get but to be paid for the value you are bringing to the table.

In this session I share my pricing journey as well as tips on how freelancers can double what they are earning by creating a process and upgrading their professionalism to earn higher value clients.

Pricing Strategies Playlist