Engage Your Audience through
the Art of Storytelling

Your event deserves a speaker who seeks to invest in you and your attendees more than you invest in them.

Planning a conference can be challenging. I have been on many conference planning teams and securing a speaker is essential to the success of the event. I created this page to make things easier so you can focus on creating a fantastic experience for event attendees.

I Invest in the Success of your Event

I partner with you to help promote your event by sharing your event details with my audience on social media platforms. I have experience planning conferences and discovered promotion is a pivotal part of a successful event.

Whether it’s a pre-interview before the event or creating a welcome video, I want to do whatever I can to give your attendees a preview of the value they will receive at your event.

I want to Entertain, inspire and empower

I believe it is the speaker’s responsibility to not only communicate but to do whatever it takes to keep audience’s attention through stunning slides and entertaining storytelling.

Rather than give a talk solely focused on inspiration, my goal is to show a pathway of strategic actions your audience can implement in their business today.

When attending conferences I’ve listened to some business experts and I noticed that something was always missing…details. I remember listening to a speaker give a general overview of how they turned their startup into a market leader.

It was great to hear about their latest accomplishment, but I wanted to know their mistakes, challenges, failures and step by step how I could build up my startup. I believe if your audience cares enough to pay for your event they are seeking more than a surface level overview. I want to provide them with a detailed roadmap, so when they walk away, they can tangibly apply the learnings from the content to their unique context.

  • Nathan thank you for everything you taught me about pricing in your keynote talk. I enjoyed every single minute of it and didn't want it to end.

    Jorge R.

After I Present; I Remain Present

I have attended tons of conferences in the past, and there is always one question on my mind: Are the speakers worth the cost of admission? I have the advantage of understanding what your conference attendees expect.

Being a frequent conference attendee allows me the unique opportunity to collect unfiltered, honest feedback from attendees which they do not share with organizers. I documented all of those responses, and whenever I speak, I’m mindful to answer questions that are on attendees mind before they even ask.

Too many times I’ve witnessed speakers fly into a conference, give their presentation and just ask quickly as they arrive they are back on a plane back home.

I want to not only invest in your event by speaking, but I want to stay for the entire conference and get to know your attendees.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Nathan's presentation and it was my favorite one of the entire conference. Keep up the great work! I believe everyone needs to hear what Nathan has to say because it would impactful and helpful to all who listen.

    Nancy M

See For Yourself

Here is an example of speaking to a live audience. The attendees walked away mentioning this was the talk of the entire conference.

I make it a point to engage your audience. I don’t want to talk at your audience, I want to have a conversation with them. Whenever I present my goal is to make everyone smile, laugh and believe they are valuable. Each time I speak I tailor the content to your specific audience.

Presentation Topics

  • The Business side of Freelancing
  • Entrepreneur vs. Freelancer
  • Pricing Psychology & Strategy
  • The Definition of Hustle
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • How to Control Google
  • Millennials in the Workplace
  • Personal Branding
  • Starting a Podcast
  • Creating Video for YouTube
  • Building an Online Course
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Thank You

Honestly, I am humbled by the fact you have an interest in my speaking at your event. The fact that you would consider my as a viable speaker to connect with your audience is an honor, and I look forward to speaking with you to discuss how we can work together.

If you’re interested in booking me for an in-person event or virtually you can submit an official request, and I will personally reach out to you to discuss the details.