This is where you will find all of the free resources I have crafted to help you become a creative professional. My goal is to give you all the tools I wish I had earlier in my career to help you grow your business. These soft skills will allow you to become a more complete business person.


Client Process Workflow

Having difficulty outlining a client process that actually works? This guide helps you create a process that will set clear expectations about next steps from beginning to end.


First Meeting Questions

How do you uncover what clients really want? This guide will equip with the 10 most valuable questions to uncover the value of a project and set you up for success.


Respect & Value Course

A free 3 lesson video course delivered straight to your email inbox. We’ll walk through how to discover your value, get clients to respect your skills and boost the perception of your brand.


Your Price is Wrong

Are you charging enough for your services? Chances are you’re not. In this lecture I share how freelancers can double what they are earning  and upgrade their professionalism to earn higher value clients.


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The 2nd edition of Freelance Jumpstart is launching as an ebook, audio book and comprehensive course. For 2 weeks during the launch period I will make the audio book available at no cost.

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