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076: My Goals for the 2019 Year

Normally I use January as a planning month but as I plan I wanted to share with you what is on my mind as I move forward in 2019 toward the goals I would like to accomplish.

075: 2018 Year in Review

As I reflect on the year 2018 I explain what I felt went well, what did not go so well, and assess whether or not my goals were reached.

The Smoky Mountains Experience [Epic Unknown]

As I think back on how 2018 went, I wanted to make mention of a fantastic experience I had in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee at Epic Unknown an unconference about design leadership.

Traffic Talk

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When to Discuss Pricing Rates [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of traffic talk someone asks when is the best time to begin discussing pricing rates. They have been asked to come up with a mockup with an existing client and are not sure whether or not the client is willing to pay for the mockup.

Do People Still Buy Art? [Traffic Talk]

Do people still buy art? I share my unique experience of what I learned in Los Angeles and the fact that art and illustration is as popular as its has ever been but you have to pair your art with a story.

Which Business Niche is Best? [Traffic Talk]

In this episode I’m asked a question about why I switch from my degree field of engineering to web design. I return to Baylor University to answer this question.

Road to Launch

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006: What Have I Been Up To?

It’s easy to begin work and then Focus so much with your head down you realize you haven’t been updating others as to what is going on. I found this to be the case. Therefore, I wanted to give you an inside look at what I’ve been building. I’ve been working for the last couple […]

005: Crafting the Course

This past year I’ve purchased more online courses than ever. For me, there is something about gaining a significant amount of knowledge in a short period that draws me in. It’s almost like a supercharged college education in a particular niche. Not only that but most online courses cost $300 or less; way less than […]