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What is Freelance Jumpstart TV?

Freelance jumpstart TV is a podcast that focuses on the business of freelancing for creative professionals. The podcast has been referred to by listeners as a step-by-step guide to learn all the essentials school doesn’t teach you.

On the podcast, I cover topics such as pricing your services, client communication, invoicing, how to Market your services and how to build up and how to position your brand to reach your target audience and many other topics.

Freelance jumpstart is not only an audio podcast but is a video podcast as well. The advantage of video allows me to engage auditory learners and visual learners. as well.

Having video as a channel of the podcast allows us to build a trust because the face to face interaction helps us make better connections and engage people actively though screencasts, interviews, visual demonstrations, inspiration, “how to” videos and product reviews.


Audience Profile

My audience mainly consists of creative professionals and agencies who work in the client services sector. Entrepreneurs and founders of startups are regular listeners as well since the podcast covers marketing. There are also aspiring professionals who are in school looking for guidance who are regular listeners

  • Web Designers
  • Developers
  • Copywriters/Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • SEO Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Managers
  • Influencers
  • Consultants
  • Startup Founders

Audience Ages

  • Loving this video podcast for #freelancers by Nathan Allotey, every episode has high quality information and high quality content. Good stuff!

    Ryan Battles
    Ryan Battles Harpoon App / Founder
  • I discovered Nathan's podcast and videos on YouTube and it completed changed my Graphic design business for the better and allowed me to get to the next level thanks. Grateful for the information!

    Virgil Moore
    Virgil Moore VirgBoogi Designs / Graphic Designer
  • Ever since Nathan started with his podcast he filled a huge void and the platform he created was needed. A Straight talk, no chaser honest view of freelance.

    Freddie Pierce
    Freddie Pierce

Audience Demographics

The podcast is delivered in English and has its largest audience in the United States. However, in other countries where they also speak English, the podcast is becoming increasingly popular because the subject matter I cover is relevant to creative professionals worldwide and not limited to only the United States Canada and the UK.

Some of the podcast episodes with the highest volume of downloads were a result of international listeners. Knowing that the content has a domestic and international appeal this information has allowed me to craft content that is not specific to a single country and has led to collaborations with creatives in other countries through Freelance Jumpstart TV.

Country Percent
United States 59%
United Kingdom 10%
New Zealand 4%
Germany 3%
Findland 3%
Canada 3%
Australia 2%
Sinapore 2%
Japan 1%
India 1%
Israel 1%
Spain 1%
Mexico 1%
China 1%
Russia 1%

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