Since 2014 I have written these yearly reviews, and they’ve been helpful. The goal of the annual review is to help me time travel. The only way I’m going to remember my train of thought, my goals my successes and failures is to Read a blog post from my previous self.

I want to keep these reviews public so others can learn key takeaways from my year and also use them to implement in their own business. They say experience is the best teacher, but you can save massive amounts of time for reading someone else’s story and learning to avoid their mistakes and failures.

My goals for 2016 were very ambitious, but I felt that I could reach them. Even though I did not reach all of my goals, I’m still Satisfied by how the year went because I have Clarity on what I’m going to do moving forward with my business.

You can read my 2015 yearly review but here were some of the goals that I had for 2016:
Relaunch of Business website, inPhocus Media
Create videos on a consistent basis
Complete the Freelance Jumpstart course
Launch Road to Launch Podcast

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